School Age (6 to 12 years of age)

Before and After School-age Program

Our before and After School Program for children in grades 1-6 are designed to be an inclusive  environment that respects the diversity of our surrounding community.

Our Emergent Curriculum in conjunction with the E.L.E.C.T. Document, provides opportunities for the children to build positive relationships with their friends, teachers and their extended environment outside of their home.

The children together with our highly qualified RECE’s, plan activities and implement a program that encourages leadership skills, facilitates creativity and independence, and promotes a warm and nurturing environment that allows the children to be individuals as they work together to problem solve and support each other throughout the day.

Nutritious snacks are provided for the children daily, which they can enjoy as they plan out their mornings and afternoons with us. Activities include, arts and crafts, science, physical activities, group projects, drama, language and literacy as well as a homework area.

What to expect in our School Age Program!

1. Five days per week

2. Access to the morning program at our Rippleton location (7:30am to 9:00am)

3. Access to afternoon program at our Rippleton location (3:40pm to 6:00pm)

4. Maximum ratio of children to staff is 15:1

5. The program is available on Professional Activity (P.A.) days, Christmas Holidays and March Break. A hot lunch will be provided for full time children on these days.

6. Nutritious snacks are served by the centre

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