Summer Program Tips!

Welcome to our summer program! Here are a few helpful tips to make this summer experience an enjoyable one for your children. If you require more information; please do not hesitate to call us at 416 449-4559. Thank you for choosing Rippleton Roadsters Summer Program!

Please apply sunscreen at home or before you bring your children in each morning. We are also requesting that you supply a bottle of sunscreen labeled with your child’s name on it. This should be left onsite for daily use. We will re-apply the sunscreen on your children each afternoon.

It is necessary that you dress your children appropriately for outdoor and indoor play for the summer. Changes of clothing should always be available onsite. Your children should also have sunhats, bathing suits, and towels on site. Please remember that all belongings should be labeled with your child’s name to avoid lost items or mix-ups. Perhaps a second back pack with all of your child’s items that remains onsite, is a good idea.
Proper water shoes are required when we are using sprinklers or participating in water play activities. Running shoes should also be kept onsite for gym activities. Croc-type sandals and flip-flops are not safe for active play. To avoid preventable accidents please ensure that your children wear shoes that fit comfortably and are secured to their feet.

Trips/Special events
The plans for trips and special events have been marked on the monthly calendars along with start and finish times. Please have your children here ½ hour early so that we may prepare to begin on time without delays or interruptions.

Parent Volunteers
Volunteers are welcome on our trips, however admission and bus spaces for volunteers are limited, so please speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering with us. You will also be given a trip policy to read and sign so that you are informed of the expectations before we depart on our trips!
Thank you, and have a great summer!
Rippleton Roadsters’ Staff

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